DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time

As an Engineer in Operations, you will provide support to improve the efficiency of the development community and its build processes by developing build scripts and tools that will further enhance the developer experience. We are looking for a candidate with 0-1 year of experience in DevOps/Cloud to join our growing team.


* As a key enabler for all development teams to leverage the provided development, testing, and operations       infrastructure.

* Responsible for playing the roles of SysOps/DevOps, connecting both the domains for an integrated environment.

* Responsible for setting up, managing the IT infrastructure and its integrations with different toolchains.

* Embrace end-to-end ownership and DevOps practices: design, code, test, deploy and monitor your solutions in      providing direct value to the Database Team.

Skills Required:

* 0-1 yrs of proven experience in DevOps and Cloud concept.

* Excellent Communication and Analytical skills

* Core database administration competencies including high availability, recoverability (backup estore), installation and configuration, security, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

* Experience in building CI/CD pipelines, enabling DevOps for scaling and automating the existing infra with tools like Ansible, Jenkins.

Why should I join Engagedly?

* You specialize and invest in the fast-picking pace and become a need for many organizations today.

* Work independently with your chosen methods to drive results

* Phenomenal learning experience that contributes to self-development & growth.

* Inspiring career ladder in Engineering vertical.

* Great people culture, work environment and freedom of space to work.

If this role sounds exciting, challenging and interesting, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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